Privacy Policy


This policy statement is directed to highlight the security in which any user information is processed and used across this web-based platform.
Travcal is designed to ensure that all entities are safe and secure while facilitating and ensuring a smooth controlled flow of data.

Information Facilitated by

Information that is provided by each individual user upon registration is used in order for to communicate with you with regards to new services facilitated by the platform.


Destination Management Company (i.e. referred to as DMC from this point on)
- All of the above information as per the respective AGENT / USER in question.

Service Provider User (Accommodation Partners, Excursion Partners and Transport Partners)
- All of the information that is relevant / required by the respective service provider in question.

All data that is entered into the system is available on the system for reference purpose, only statistical information will be extracted for the sole use of to enhance the user experience and improve the services facilitated on the platform.

Examples of some of the Information collected for statistical purpose include,

Information Shared

Information shared via the web-based facilitator is only done via the individual funnel that exists between the Agent, DMC and Service Providers.

E.g.: Any information shared via the funnel is only in order for the user to receive the expected response from the respective partner facilitated on the platform.

The user should consider with whom information is shared with, because once information is shared with an affiliated partner, the affiliate can thereon share the said information with third part benefactors, including people and businesses outside the audience that you shared with.

Third Party Affiliated Partners

We work with third-party partners who provide information via travcal, information that would usually be sent across via external applications. These affiliated partners help improve the user experience and help assure the speed that the offers as a communications facilitator. We don't sell any of your information to anyone and we never will. We also impose strict restrictions on how our partners can use and disclose the data we provide. Here are the types of third parties that we share information with:

Service Providers: - Accommodation / Transportation / Excursions

Service providers can receive any information that is transferred to them via for the sole purpose of receiving the required outcome. The passing of this information to the relevant service provider as the requirement arises is purely at the user’s discretion and consent.

e.g.: The user overseas (Agent) would like to make a booking at a hotel in Sri Lanka via the local DMC. The booking information will only pass to the said third party hotel (service provider) at the discretion of both the user overseas (Agent) and the local counterpart (DMC)

Our Customer Services team may use your personal data when responding to your comments, feedback, inquiries, questions, to give you appropriate support to fulfil your needs and requests

Our Technical Support team may use your personal data to (i) facilitate internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve our products, services and improve your user experience,

Information will only be passed to the selected third-party service provider via the facilitator if the respective user provides consent in the form of selection of the specified service. acts as a communications tool that transfers data only when the requirement arises and does not transfer any information without the knowledge of the respective user.

Ownership Change

If the ownership or control of all or part of our platform were to change, we may transfer your information to the new owner.

Data Storage and Management

How Do We Secure your Personal Data?

Whilst we are committed to protecting you (and us) from unauthorized access to, or unauthorized alteration, disclosure, destruction of personal information that we hold.

On your part, we encourage you to use a unique and strong password to protect your account, limit access to your computer and log out after using our services. In addition, you should make sure your computer is updated with the latest security patches and protected with an anti-malware product at all times.

Please note that you are responsible for the personal information that you choose to share, disclose or submit voluntarily while using our website and which can be viewed by members of third party applications or messengers.

What rights do you have?

We provide you with the ability to access, rectify, port and delete your data.

We store data until it is no longer required or until your account is deleted – whichever comes first. This is a case-by-case determination that depends on things such as the nature of the data, why it is collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational retention needs.

e.g.: Since the platform facilitates more than one affiliated party. The platform must adhere to maintaining data for each party registered if the data continues to be of relevance to the said party.

If an overseas partner (Agent) booked a tour for clients who visited the country (Sri Lanka) and returned to their country of origin. That information is no longer of value to the overseas partner (Agent) whereas, that information is still pertinent to both the DMC and relevant Service Providers booked. will facilitate the information on the platform until which time the information is no longer of value to any of the parties facilitated by

Responding to requests from legal authority

Information that we receive about can be accessed and preserved for an extended period when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, governmental investigation or investigations of possible violations of our Terms or Policies, or otherwise to prevent harm. We also retain information from accounts disabled for term violations to prevent repeat abuse or other term violations.

Policy Change

We'll notify you before we make changes to this Policy and give you the opportunity to review the revised Policy before you choose to continue using our Products.

If you have questions about this Policy, you can contact us as described below. We may resolve disputes that you have with us in connection with our Privacy Policies.

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