What’s in it for the Service Providers ?

Travcal will serve as the sole rate & inventory distributor for all the DMCs in one platform.The hotels will upload their rates on Travcal for the use of each DMC signed up with Travcal. At present, the hotels dispatch rates to the DMCs by way of email, which means thousands of emails need to be sent out for every season to ensure their rates are available with the DMCs. This process requires to be repeated every season..

With Travcal, they can upload their rates to be accessed by all the DMCs that are on it. The hotels have the access to issue special offers based on market performance of each DMC, global and regional situations, seasonal activities, peak / off peak offers, daily availability of rooms, forecasts of bookings etc,

which creates a dynamic rate platform for the DMCs, just like they do on the OTAs.The hotels will also manage a real-time inventory, which will eliminate the DMCs having to call in to check availability of rooms! With Travcal, the hotels can now monitor the performance of each DMC, find out what markets are most favourable, and the revenue – actual and forecasts.

Lifetime updates

Unlike other off the shelf systems, travcal stays up to date using information such as user feedback and performance improvements in order to keep our clients satisfied..

Cloud based

Travcal is cloud based therefore all your information is available to you any time from anywhere. Travcal guarantees end2end encryption to keep your data safe and secure.

Modern Design

Travcal is designed based on user feedback and our own in-house travel and tourism experts, which makes our interface user friendly and inviting to use.

Just a click away

Travcal is designed in a way to promote efficiency in the work flow process and to optimize time spent doing day to day business activities, be it editing rates and inventory to starting relationships with new business partners.

All your needs are just a click away.