Foreign Tour Agent

travcal revolutionizes the landscape for foreign tour agents, providing a streamlined and rapid solution to the traditional hurdles faced in the industry. Our innovative platform eliminates the time consuming process of waiting for responses from DMCs for price quotes. The significant advantage for foreign tour agents using Travcal lies in the immediacy of real-time rates and availability brought to the table.

Gone are the days of waiting 24-48 hours for a quote response. With travcal, agents have the power to swiftly access and calculate the entire cost of a tour itinerary within a few minutes. Picture this: while having your client on the phone or sitting right in front of you, you can effortlessly provide a complete tour package quote.


This real-time capability is a game-changer, eliminating the need to rely on delayed responses and enabling you to quickly and efficiently attend to your client's needs. This means you have instant access to Accommodation, Experience Providers, Tour Guides, and Transport Providers' real-time availability & rates, presenting a level of convenience and accuracy that is unimaginable. Accessing DMC rates and allotments, along with real-time information from hotels, empowers the foreign tour agent with all the necessary tools at their disposal. Not only can you instantly generate quotes, but you can also seamlessly progress to bookings by dispatching reservation vouchers directly to hotels through your DMC.

Set yourself apart from other tour agents, by optimizing your time management and showcasing your expertise in curating dream vacations for your clients. Moreover, you have the capability to tailor tour packages according to your preferences, ensuring a perfect match for your clients unique needs, and to serve their clients with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and reliability.

What's in it for Foreign Tour Agents?

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Serves as a Booking/ Reservation Platform

This refers to a system or software that facilitates the booking process for tours, activities, accommodations, and other travel-related services. It typically enables agents to make reservations on behalf of their clients through a user-friendly interface.

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Tour Package Creation

The ability to create custom tour packages tailored to the preferences and requirements of individual clients. This could include selecting destinations, accommodations, activities, and transportation options to design a personalized itinerary.

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Create Tailor-Made Costing & Detailed Itineraries

This involves the capability to generate comprehensive cost breakdowns for tour packages and detailed itineraries, providing clients with a clear overview of expenses and a day-by-day plan of the trip.

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Automated Documents

Automated generation of essential documents such as log sheets, tour summaries, shopping charts, etc., streamlining administrative tasks and providing organized and detailed information for both the agent and the client.

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Real-Time Access to Online Service Providers

Immediate access to a diverse array of online service providers in the travel industry enables swift and direct interactions for seamless bookings with hotels, excursion providers, transportation companies, and other relevant entities.

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Dynamic Rates & Offers

Refers to the ability of the platform to manage fluctuating rates and provide information about special offers or deals in real time, adapting to changes in pricing or promotional offers from service providers.

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Currency Exchange Rate Integration

This involves incorporating currency exchange rates into the system, allowing the platform to handle transactions involving different currencies efficiently.

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Website Integration

The capability to integrate the platform with an agent's website, allowing direct bookings, inquiries, or access to information, creating a seamless experience for clients.

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Real-Time Rates & Availability

Immediate and up-to-date access to rates and availability for accommodations, services, or activities, enabling quick responses to client inquiries and ensuring accurate information during the booking process.



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travcal operates under a straightforward payment policy designed to benefit our users. As cost-free software, we do not charge any setup costs. Training and account setup is conducted entirely free of charge.

travcal offers foreign tour agents lightning-fast access to real-time rates and availability, eliminating waiting times and streamlining the entire booking process. Its direct access to essential information and ability to tailor tour packages empower agents, ensuring unmatched speed, accuracy, and reliability for serving clients' diverse needs. By choosing travcal, tour agents gain an edge in time management, expertise showcasing, and creating personalized dream vacations, setting the stage for exceptional future growth.

Absolutely, custom tour packages can be tailored for your clients.

Free training sessions and comprehensive user manual training videos are available for your guidance.

Yes, our system offers real-time cost estimation, ensuring quick and efficient itinerary planning for your client interactions.

As a foreign tour agent using our platform, you'll have extensive control over the booking and reservation process. This includes the ability to swiftly access real-time rates, tailor tour packages to match client preferences, generate quotes instantly, manage bookings, and dispatch reservation vouchers directly.