Transport Providers

Ɪn the fast-evolving landscape of the travel industry, transport providers navigate a constant influx of inquiries and operational complexities. However, with the introduction of travcal, the game transforms, revolutionizing the way transport providers conduct their operations.

travcal becomes the keystone for transport providers, offering a seamless solution to the challenges of managing fleet vehicles, bookings, and vouchers in a single, integrated platform. It empowers transport providers to efficiently oversee and coordinate their vehicle fleet, optimizing routes, managing bookings, and swiftly generating vouchers.

Excursion Provider

This centralized system enables a streamlined, quick approach that meets customer demands promptly and efficiently. Additionally, travcal is not just a mere organizational tool; it serves as a strategic partner. Transport providers gain the ability to manage their financial affairs, providing an overall view of their business's financial health. This includes monitoring expenditures, revenues, and cost optimization, ensuring a financially sound operation. By embracing travcal, transport providers unlock a realm of enhanced efficiency and operational control.

This innovative platform unites various local partners and resources, offering the capability to manage everything from vehicle fleets to financial affairs all in one place. It sets the stage for transport providers to embrace an evolved and streamlined approach to manage their operations in the transportation sector, elevating service standards and efficiency to new heights.

What's in it for Transport Provider?

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Serves as a booking Reservation Platform

As a transport provider, our platform efficiently manages reservations made directly or through web-client interfaces, ensuring a smooth booking experience for our customers. We handle various transport bookings, ensuring availability and seamless transactions.

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Activity and Inventory Oversight

Our system effectively manages a wide range of transport services and handles inventory, ensuring the availability of vehicles for booking, overseeing their maintenance and readiness for the customers.

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Comprehensive Financial Tracking

We incorporate a complete accounting module within our reservation system. This allows for detailed financial tracking and management specific to the transportation services we provide, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial dealings.

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Dynamic Pricing and Offers

Our system is equipped to adapt rates and provide various offers in response to market conditions or promotional strategies, ensuring competitive and attractive pricing for our transportation services.

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Website Integration

We integrate our transport services with various websites to ensure a seamless connection between our inventory and our partners' platforms, making it easier for customers to access and book our transportation services.

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Rate and Allotment Management

We offer control over rates and allotments for various transport services, allowing flexibility and adaptability in managing our offerings based on demand and market trends.

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Unified Dashboard for Multiple Services:

Our easy-to-use interface allows for the management and viewing of various transport services collectively from one dashboard, streamlining the management process for different types of transportation offered.

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User Access Control

Our system provides specific access control, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view or modify sensitive information within our transportation service management system, guaranteeing security and data integrity.

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Performance Reports and Insights

We generate detailed reports providing insights into the performance of our transportation services. These reports aid in making effective management decisions and optimizing our services based on customer needs and market trends.



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travcal operates under a straightforward payment policy designed to benefit our users. As cost-free software, we do not charge any setup costs. Training and platform setup are conducted entirely free of charge.

Becoming a travcal transport Provider means having control, flexibility, and saving time. It lets you concentrate on crafting exceptional guest experiences by simplifying bookings, payments, and various tasks effortlessly.

To list your vehicle fleet on our platform, it's a simple process. You can effortlessly set up your fleet, enter availability, and establish rates within a short span of time.

Free training sessions and comprehensive user manual training videos are available for your guidance.