The hub that facilitates the connectivity of stakeholders in the marketspace.

How Does Travcal fit in?

Travcal binds and connects all three key stakeholders in the Tourism Industry-

  1. Service Providers

  2. DMC’s

  3. Foreign Tour Operators

It also provides them with a space for instant price and real time booking engine features and accessibility. This creates a competitive market place that would definitely replace the traditional response time and efficiency of how local DMC’s would work otherwise.


Why travcal?

Travcal is the future of Sri Lankan Tourism. Its a real game changer and more of a disrupter to the tourism industry in our island. Our goal is to bring all stakeholders in the industry onto “ One Marketspace” and make Sri Lanka the fastest booking engine in entire Asia.

  • Travcal saves time, saves money.

  • Optimum utilization of rates and inventory

  • Need for email communication regarding changes eliminated

  • Ability to calculate fully fledged round trips with any type of variations in the country

  • Ability to send hotel vouchers real time, need for availability check eradicated

  • Its an open source platform that is FREE. No hidden chargers.

  • Mobile App to keep you in the loop when on the move

  • Bridging the gap of B2B Tourism in return competing with the OTA’s

further video explanation on what we offer our stakeholders ...




Our Partners

Dolphin Beach
Bar Reef
Shinagawa Beach Hotel
River House
River House
Le Grand Galle
The Habitat
Boundary House
ClieBuona VistantName
Kumara Villa
Claughton House
Coconut Grove
Ivory House
Meda Gedara
No.79 Villa
Bentota No 1
Pointe Stud
Red Cliffs
Sea Heart
Sisindu T
Skye house
Suiryawatte villa
The Nine
Villa Serendipity
Walatta house
Wijaya Giri

Our Customers






Service Providers


Room Nights


 Travcal uses SSL encryption for end2end in transit information for secure and browser connectivity and maintains a very strict user access control policy within the company. We are GDPR compliant

 Our servers are hosted at Rackspace in the UK

 Travcal is a 100% free software. Its a non commission based platform. There is no join up or membership fee. All training and setting up is done free of charge. You only have to pay a transactional fee once a transaction is complete. A Pay as You Go payment policy. Its as simple as that!!.

 No. You decide what data is visible to which business partners.

 We at travcal want to help your company increase its potential and give the tourism industry a one stop shop for all B2B tourism needs..

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