As a hotelier in the bustling tourism industry, the constant influx of calls requesting availability and rates can be overwhelming. But here's where travcal steps in to change the game. Our platform is your solution to streamline operations and bid farewell to the days of endless phone calls. Not just a tool for managing B2B partners, travcal becomes your sidekick, offering the flexibility to approve or reject DMC special rate requests directly through the convenient travcal mobile app. No more unnecessary interruptions by calls just a focus on what truly matters for your business growth.


travcal simplifies the process by allowing you to effortlessly enter your rates and inventory into a single, easy-to-use platform. This means that Destination Management Companies (DMCs) can instantly view your live availability and rates, even while they're on the move, without the hassle of constant phone calls. Our dynamic rate structure puts you in control, allowing you to adjust rates at the click of a button to match the market conditions. This not only ensures smoother operations but also prevents the chaos of overbookings by managing live inventory effectively.

travcal is the platform that unites all your local partners in one place, seamlessly integrating with in-house property management systems and channel managers. It gives you the reins to take charge of your business efficiently and effectively. Step into a new era of efficiency in the tourism industry-get travcal today and witness a transformation in how you manage your hotel operations.

What's in it for hotels?

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Serves as a Booking/ Reservation platform

This platform acts as a comprehensive solution to streamline the entire process of accepting, organizing, and tracking reservations, providing businesses and users with a unified and convenient experience.

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Handle any type of Reservations

The platform accommodates various reservation sources, including direct bookings, web-based client reservations, and those from Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), ensuring a centralized system for all types of bookings.

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Manage Activities & Inventory

Provides tools for efficient management of activities and inventory, allowing seamless oversight of various services and available resources.

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Fully Fledged Accounting Module

Offers a comprehensive accounting module within the platform, facilitating detailed financial tracking, invoicing, and financial management.

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Dynamic Rates & Offers

Allows for dynamic and flexible rate structures and offers, adapting to market demands and ensuring competitiveness.

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Website Integration

Seamlessly integrates with websites, providing enhanced accessibility and functionality for both clients and administrators.

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Currency Exchange Rate Integration

Integrating currency rates allows for seamless financial transactions, enabling you to handle international payments and manage multiple currencies efficiently.

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Manage Rates & Allotment:

Enables efficient management of rates and allotments, providing control over available inventory and pricing structures.

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Multiple Properties on a Single Dashboard:

Consolidates data from multiple properties, offering a comprehensive overview and centralized control through a single dashboard.

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User Access Control

Provides robust user access control, ensuring data security and restricting access to authorized personnel.

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Performance & Management Reports

Offers in-depth reports for data-driven decisions, providing insights into performance, operations, and management analytics.



Got a question get the answer

There's no user limit on the platform. You can have multiple users with user control, allowing oversight of user actions and access levels.

Starting on with travcal as a hotelier means gaining control, flexibility, and time savings. It allows you to focus on creating great guest experiences by streamlining bookings, payments, and various tasks efficiently and effortlessly.

To list your property on our platform, it's a simple process. You can effortlessly set up your properties, enter availability, and establish rates within a short span of time.

Free training sessions and comprehensive user manual training videos are available for your guidance.

Absolutely! Our platform allows you complete control to craft and manage tailored offers according to your preferences and promotions.

Certainly! You can conveniently list your group of hotels on our platform and efficiently manage them under separate accounts for seamless management and organization.

Ensuring smooth operations, we've implemented comprehensive measures to address emergencies or last-minute booking changes. Our system is equipped to handle such situations with flexibility. Additionally, our dedicated 24/7 support is always available to assist and swiftly address any unexpected changes or urgent requirements.