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Ɪn the swiftly growing tourism industry, managing a constant flow of inquiries for availability and rates can be overwhelming for excursion providers. Enter travcal: the ultimate game-changer that streamlines our operations, bidding farewell to the time-consuming era of endless phone calls.

It's not just a B2B management tool; travcal becomes our ally, offering the flexibility to approve or reject DMC special rate requests. Say goodbye to needless interruptions by calls and focus on what truly matters for our business growth. With our dynamic rate structure, we take the helm, adjusting rates with a simple click to match market conditions.

Excursion Provider

This ensures smoother operations and effectively manages live inventory, preventing chaos from overbookings. travcal unites all our local partners in one place. It empowers us to efficiently take charge of our business operations. Step into a new era of efficiency in the tourism industry-embrace travcal and witness the transformative way we manage our excursion operations.

What's in it for Excursion Providers?

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Handle any type of Reservations

The platform efficiently manages all types of reservations, including those made directly and through web-client interfaces, ensuring a seamless booking experience for customers.

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Currency Exchange Rate Integration

Integrating currency rates allows for seamless financial transactions, enabling DMCs to handle international payments and manage multiple currencies efficiently.

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Manage Activities & Inventory

It oversees a wide range of activities and effectively handles inventory, ensuring that all offerings are managed and available for booking.

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Fully Fledged Accounting Module

Incorporates a comprehensive accounting module that allows for detailed financial tracking and management within the reservation system.

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Dynamic Rates & Offers

Enables the system to adapt rates and provide various offers in response to changing market conditions or promotional strategies.

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Website Integration

Website integration with travcal's ensures a seamless connection between your website and travcal's inventory.

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Manage Rates & Allotment

Offers control over rates and allotments for various services, providing flexibility and adaptability in managing offerings.

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Multiple activities on a single dashboard

Presents an easy-to-use interface where various activities and offerings are managed and viewed collectively from one dashboard.

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User access control

Allows for specific access control, ensuring that only authorized users can view or modify sensitive information within the system.

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Performance & Management reports

Generates detailed reports providing insights into performance and aiding in effective management decisions.

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Real-time Access to Service Providers

Provides immediate access to online service providers, hotels, and excursion providers, ensuring up-to-date information and availability for prompt decision-making and bookings.

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No hidden fees

Guarantees transparency in pricing, ensuring no undisclosed or hidden charges beyond the service fees.



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travcal operates under a straightforward payment policy designed to benefit our users. As cost-free software, we do not charge any setup costs. Training and account setup is conducted entirely free of charge.

Becoming a travcal Experience Provider means having control, flexibility, and saving time. It lets you concentrate on crafting exceptional guest experiences by simplifying bookings, payments, and various tasks effortlessly.

You can list all your existing excursions or activities you offer within our system.

Yes, you have complete flexibility to modify your data at any time.

Free training sessions and comprehensive user manual training videos are available for your guidance.